Thursday, July 23, 2009

New idea of updates.......

So I saw this idea and we are going to run with it. We are going to do updates and if you want us to do a update on you/your fam just leave a comment on a post with your email and we will contact you about what you want us to post!! Thanks for everyone wanting to keep in touch!
Melanie (Thomas) Stoker

Hey, Hey... it's Melanie Thomas Stoker wow since leaving high school time has gone by so quick. After school I went to Snow and then ended up at CEU where I met my hubby, Beau Stoker!! We had a class together my first year there and I would park next to him so we could "walk out to our cars together", but we never even spoke! Then I started Cosmo then following year and I ASKED HIM ON OUR FIRST DATE!!!!!! Yes ME!! We ended up getting married 4 months after our first date! We will have been married for 7 years in Jan. We moved to Cedar to finish school and had our first child, Laila Faith. She will be 5 this Nov. We somehow ended back in "good ol' Emery Just livin' the dream", as Dane says!!!

We live in Huntington right now, but we are selling our home. My husband wants to renovate a old home, so I guess I am jumping on board!! We had our second child, Cain Zachery, and he will be 1 in Aug!! Where does time go!
I currently serve as a Personal chef, coat rack, personal chauffeur and CEO of our home! I specialize in fixing boo-boos, setting up doll houses & reading stories!! I do occasionally cut "some" hair on the side! I wouldn't have it any other way then to be with my family!! My husband works full time at Emery Telcom doing Marketing and Advertising, he is also working on his MBA right now and coaching! Life is busy, busy, busy but we love it!!! We do have a blog, but it is private. If anyone would like a invite you can totally email me at!!!!
I hope that more of you will jump on board with this update idea & I can't wait to see ALL of you at the big reunion next summer!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay, so we are kind of coming up on our 10 year reunion! We need help with any ideas that any of you have for things to do.... invites, games, treats, ANYTHING!!!!! Please leave a comment with ideas! I know that BreAnne has gathered some people on facebook and I (Melanie) am gathering people in the blogging world, so PLEASE spread the word that we are looking for all of you out there!!! I know that there have been some really fun reunions by other classes, so maybe get some ideas and pass them along via email or comment!! Thanks a bunch!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello to all of our fellow classmates at Emery High. We are coming up on 10 years, yeah we ARE that old, haha!!! No, but this is going to be great! We decided to start a class blog so that we could reach out to all of our classmates for the reunion. We plan on posting any info on the blog about the reunion! If anyone has any info about anything that they would like us to include you can email it to us at We would love for everyone to come check it out and spread the word! We have email set up and would love to add everyones blogs so if you would LOVE to be included PLEASE send a email to with your blog address or a invite to your blog, don't forget to include the correct spelling of your full name:)!!! We are so excited to see how many people we can come in contact with!!!! PLEASE spread the word with email or posts on your own blog!!!! Happy blogging!!!